ICT4V le da la bienvenida a un nuevo socio estructural: Antel

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Workshop: Information and Communication Systems and their Application to Vertical Sectors 

March 16-18th, 2015 - before the formal constitution of the center, an international event took place. For more information, click here (a.ex. you can download presentations and see the videos of the workshop). 

Internal launching event

May 8th, 2015 - the internal launching event for ICT4V took place. In this ocasion, various initiating projects were presented. More then 100 partner-members participated. .

10/29/2015: ICT4V signs international cooperation agreement with the Institut Minés-Télécom of France in presence of the presidents Hollande (France) and Vázquez (Uruguay)

Daniel Kofman, Executive Director of ICT4V, signed an agreement between ICT4V Technology Center and Institut Mines-Télécom of France. The signing took place in the presence of President Vazquez and President Hollande. The agreements facilitate the cooperation in research, innovation and high-level training in the area of ICT and its applications to various sectors, and also transfer of technology between the two countries.

09/10/2015:  Technological Center boosted collaborative work to promote information security

ICT4V launched the first talk of the Seminar related activities, focused on information security.

09/11/2015: ICT4V Scolarship Program

Next Wednesday September 16th at 5:30 PM, at Room 3, CDC of LATU there will be  an informative meeting to present the Centre and the scolarship opportunities to all potential candidates. More information at Scholarships.

08/28/2015:  ICT4V began working in four selected projects

Daniel Kofman, Executive Director of ICT4V, informed that after two months, the first Information and Communication Technologies Center (ICT4V) began to work in projects in different areas such as energy, agriculture and online payment and their applications. Currently, new initiatives are being developed in information security, bioinformatics, Intelligent data management and other areas.

08/27/2015: 1 millon dollars investiment to increase knowledge in computing and communication.

ICT4V was officially created on June 25, 2015, as a public-private consortium, founded by eleven organizations: AGESIC, CSI Ingenieros , deLarrobla y Asociados, the National Institute of Agricultural Research (INIA), LATU , PayTrue , Quanam , Universidad de la República ( UdelaR), Universidad Catolica del Uruguay (UCU), Universidad de Montevideo (UM) and ORT university. ICT4V has received support and financing from ANII and is located at the LATU Technological Park.