The overall objective is to significantly increase innovation capabilities at national and regional level and help improve competitiveness; contribute at all stages of the innovation process and play an important role in the development of high-level skills. 

All with the overall objective of contributing to respond to major national and regional challenges and playing a central role in the area of ICT and vertical industrial applications.

Created on May 8, 2015, ICT4V tends to rapidly reach levels of excellence in research and innovation comparable with international best practices and translate this into a real impact on major societal challenges and economic objectives. 

Specific Objectives 

  • Contribute to maintain a global and integrated vision on the main trends (market, services, technology) and the scientific "state of the art". Also identify disruptive ideas, differentiating from the established consensus among ICT industry.
  • Implement programs and projects with a high degree of innovation and value creation, designed to take advantage of opportunities identified in the above objective, facilitated by collaboration between the academic and business worlds. Facilitate local development of advanced solutions that meet local needs and which also focus to international markets. Facilitate entrepreneurship (eg through the launch of start-ups).
  • Develop the necessary critical mass of high-level skills. Help increase research capacity and scientific level as well as the potential impact. Set doctoral programs at regional level in collaboration with international programs to develop knowledge applied to the needs and trends identified, develop specialized activities of professional continuing education level, better organizing international events, invite international experts for short and long stays, etc. 
  • Facilitate innovation processes at every stage, specially due to the implementation of open platforms, living labs and other forms of participatory innovation (being able to integrate various sectors of society).
  • Facilitate the ideation and presentation of projects to national and international organizations that promote the development and increased competitiveness. 
  • Develop the visibility and attractiveness for
    • facilitate the implementation of cooperation programs with international initiatives of similar or complementary objectives
    • prevent brain drain and attract more experts from all over the world
    • attract new international investment and facilitate the implementation of international business operations