The vertical sectors identified as priorities for the first phase of the Center are the Agricultural sector, the energy sector and the financial / banking sector. 

Two broad areas will be covered with the same level of priority: solutions for the capture, management, recovery and protection of data (personal, public and private) and specific software tools for prototyping area. 

In the second phase of the Center the health, environment and transport sectors will be addressed.


In addition to reserach and innovation projects, ICT4V implements a number of activities: 

  • Design, deployment and operation of experimental open platforms

  • Deployment of prototyping facilities

  • Creation of Living Labs

  • Activities to define a vision and identify disruptive opportunities

  • Organization of scientific and technological events

  • Technological and scientific seminars

  • Invitation of international experts

  • Promoting and supporting entrepreneurship initiatives

  • Reading groups on technological developments

  • Brainstorming sessions to generate new ideas and opportunities

  • Postgraduate training and continuing high-level professional training